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  • Letzter Bestand! Kvetna 1794 - Dekanter Pandora AN 1350 ml

    Kvetna 1794 - Decanter Pandora AN 1350 ml

    1 vorrätig

    Decanter Pandora AN 1350 ml from Kvetna 1794 - handmade masterpiece This handcrafted Pandora AN 1350 ml decanter is characterized by its unique craftsmanship. Product features: Handcrafted masterpiece : Each decanter was made by hand and is therefore unique. Small irregularities such as bubbles or minor surface imperfections may occur, but are evidence of true craftsmanship and do not affect the beauty or functionality of the product. Composition of the glass: Our glass composition from which the clear glass is melted contains a titanium component. Thanks to the titanium, the pieces produced are significantly harder and more resistant while maintaining their elasticity and lightness. The Pandora AN 1350 ml decanter from Kvetna 1794 is not just a container, but a true handcrafted masterpiece. It gives every drop a special touch and underlines the art of enjoyment. Experience the world of Kvetna 1794 and discover the art of craftsmanship in every sip. Order today and immerse yourself in the world of the handcrafted decanter Pandora AN.

    1 vorrätig

    CHF 39.90

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